Did You Ever Think About The Lightness of Life?

Yesterday I had a spectacular evening! Long ago I did not stop to think about the lightness of life in the simplicity of things. During the shoot, my friend and I decided to bring the children together, after all already grown older and are well behaved.

So, began the pictures, and at some point we stopped to regulate the photo machine and children ran happily without stopping and, they stopped: Suddenly I see beside me a frozen girl!

And, I was focused on that machine, and I looked like in slow motion, and I see her dripping from head to toe! I take a shock, not knowing what to think and ask: What happened ??? And before I look at my son and he was breathless with laughter … And she, the girl, half laughing, half not knowing how to begin to explain, said:

Falls at the source … I was joking, slipped and fell! And within minutes, even soaking wet was running and laughing again! I laughed a lot but I traveled with me for a few seconds and I thought, I’ll get into that source too, with this 80 degrees heat here in Miami and I might have a party in this source, today!

But automatically within me, that something always in rebuke and never let us get loose, do what we want, be happy…he said: “Never baby! Wakes up that wet dream, think of Louboutin is going to get soaked!
And think about your new skirt by Iorane, and this gorgeous hair that took hours curling it, and you can imagine these false eyelashes by Mac, floating in the fountain?!

And, besides all this, which people around here will think of you ?! “Of course I changed my mind!

But ever wondered how we could be happier without this “No” inside us? As we are led by behavior patterns that not remember us where we learned? We become a machine of fear , doubt.
Yes, I may be thinking out loud, but life would be lighter if we could express ourselves without fear of being judged.




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