Scott Disick Wants Justin Bieber To Go To Hell After His Affair With Kourtney Kardashian

Scott Disick may be playing it cool about the whole Justin Bieber hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian thing, but a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that under the surface, he wants Justin to go ‘to hell!’ See how he really feels about the pop star, here.

Go ‘to hell’, Justin Bieber! At least, that’s what Scott Disick, 32, is saying in the wake of the 21-year-old allegedly hooking up with his ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, 36.

Scott may be dating sexy supermodel Lina Sandberg, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still hurting over Kourtney hooking up with Justin. As a matter of fact, Scott doesn’t even want to hear his name anymore. “The only place Scott wants Justin to go to is to hell,” “He doesn’t want to be bothered with Justin at all. So he tries to avoid talk of Justin or thinking about Justin.”

Apparently, the idea of the mother of his children hooking up with the 21-year-old is a real trigger for Scott, whose main priority right now is just maintaining healthy habits. “It does nothing positive for him and Scott wants to live a positive and sober lifestyle right now,”


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