90% if not 100% of Africa parents  believe  that it’s appropriate for  their sons  to be on low cuts  thereby  depriving  them of something  which is  the ability  to keep the desired hair style of their  choice.

     Hair is a special  gift  of  God  and also a valuable  gift of nature. Nature has her  reasons  for some  things going on in this world  of which if altered leads  to natural disasters, I want to link this to the way Africa parents   misunderstand the law of nature  guarding  hair.  The human  hair  is a unique  gift  this is what makes the human hair  different  from  other animals  according  to science  humans  belong  to the animalistic  category but  we are unique.

I want to point out few advantages  of a fine hair :-

1. Less Products

With fine hair, a dime-sized amount of product goes a very, very long way! Thicker haired naturals require more product to coat and seal their strands, plus they often require heavier products — like shea-based butters and creams — that tend to be more expensive. Many fine haired naturals can skip heavy butters and seal with lighter, cheaper products like coconut oil or aloe vera gel.

2. Easier and Faster Hair Straightening

While coarse strands and thick hair take more coaxing to loosen their curl pattern, fine hair tends to take to heat more easily and requires less of it to straighten out. On the flip side, you have to be careful not to burn fine strands. Keep your blow dryer at medium to low temperatures, and don’t keep the flat iron on for long!

3. Easier Bunning

Thick hair can look a bit bulky when pulled into a bun or a single braid and can put a strain on hair ties and bobby pins. Fine hair is easier to pull into one, and can look a bit more effortless.

4. Hot Weather Friendly

There’s nothing hotter in the summer time than a mass of thick, heavy strands. The “scalpiness” of fine haired styles is actually a plus in the summer time, providing a way for heat to escape the body.

5. Shorter wash day

While thicker haired naturals have to divide their strands into several sections and cleanse and condition each one individually, fine haired naturals can get away with fewer section and, in some cases, not sectioning at all. Plus, fine haired section take less time to work through and air dry much faster.

6. Easier Detangling

When you have less strands to detangle, the process is much quicker. Plus, fine haired naturals can get away with finger detangling only, while many thicker haired naturals must also incorporate hair tools like Denman brushes and wide toothed combs.

7. Faster Styling

When there’s less hair to get through, styling tends to go faster. On fine hair a set of twists or box braids can take less than 2 hours, while thick hair styling often take 4 hours of more. Plus, thick hair can be a downside at the salon, with many stylists charging extra cash for clients with a lot of hair to get through.

advantages depends on what the person is in search of when they want their hair styled a certain way. It also depends on the meaning of straightening, as there is permanent straightening (relaxers), demi-permanent straightening (keratin treatments), and temporary straightening ( blowdrying and/or smoothing/flat-irons.)

Advantages of relaxers:

Hair is permanently straight but the new growth/roots will be normal when they grow out.
You can have different styling options.
Hair is shinier due to a more smooth cuticle.

  Disadvantages of relaxer

You can not have extremely light highlights or the hair will break or melt.
You are breaking down the bonds of the hair, thus altering the integrity of the hair.
Excess relaxing or overlapping the relaxer on previously relaxed hair can cause extreme damage and drying to the hair and scalp.

Advantages of keratin treatments:

Hair can be worn both curly and straight while both styles remain smooth and frizz free.
You can still have extremely light highlights, and the keratin treatment will actually repair the hair.
If you decide that you don’t want straight hair anymore, the treatment will typically only last up to 3 months.
The keratin treatment will strengthen the hair, make it more shiny, and if applied over color it will make the color last longer.

There are no disadvantages in receiving a keratin treatment.

Advantages of blow-drying and thermal tools:

Temporarily smooths the hair until the next time you shampoo.
Gives shine to the hair as well as body.
Gives you alternatives on how to accomplish different styles.

Disadvantages of blow-drying and thermal tools:

You should apply products to the hair that are thermal protectants.  This means, if you do not use hair products then blow-drying and thermal tools can dry out the hair making it dull and weak.
Excess heat without thermal protectant products may cause your hair color to lighten.
Will take more of your time to get ready in the morning.

* Sudden weight loss can impact the health of your hair
*Eat foods which are high in healthy fats for shiny locks
*Avoid refined carbohydrates and foods which are high in sugar

  10  facts  about the human  hair
1) Baldness Is Linked To Heart Disease
2) Eyelash Hair Mites
3 ) Learning Disabilities And Hair Color
4 ) Legally Blonde, Smoking Brunettes
5) The Science Of The Beard
6) Blonds Are Behind In Britain
7 ) Redheads Get Hurt Easily
8 ) Blonde Women Have More Estrogen
9 ) The Not-So-Naked Ap                              10) Melanesian Blondes

               Hair  maintenance





   How to wash  the human hair
1) Use cool water or warm  water
2) Soak the hair  for several  minutes.      3) Proper  hair conditioner  can be used
4) Absorb water using a dry towel, avoid hair  dryer .
5) Comb your  hair when it is nearly  dry by wide tooth  comb
6) Let the hair get dry  naturally .
7) Avoid sunlight  directly .

Source: Elizabeth  Membere



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