Kylie Jenner jokes about why she is not yet married to Tyga and pregnant with his baby


Kylie Jenner and Tyga seem to be patching things up after the break they had last couple of months. On Friday, Kylie Jenner livestreamed on her app from the Tyga’s tour bus where she gave a tour of the bus, before both of them sat down to go over some rumors regarding their relationship.

She jokingly said she is neither married nor pregnant, because her boyfriend, Tyga was slacking.
Kylie who was make-up free for the video, said she wanted to play ‘addressing rumors with Tyga and Kylie.’
‘Are you pregnant? I think we need to address that rumor because I feel like everybody thinks you’re pregnant,’ Tyga added, also bringing up marriage rumors.
After clarifying that she was not married or pregnant, Kylie explained:
‘Because I’m a f***ing infant child and I don’t want to be married or have a baby right now!’
Tyga corrected her, saying that she was a ‘young woman that’s very focused,’ but Kylie insisted that she was ‘a baby.’

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