Six people arrested in Brussels after Tuesday attacks




Six people were arrested on Thursday night in a series of police operations in the Brussels, Belgium, the federal prosecutor’s office said, only two days after the terror attacks left 31 people dead.
Gunfire, grenades and explosions were all reportedly heard as police conducted the raids last night.
Three of the suspects were detained “outside the door of the federal prosecutor’s office”, in Schaerbeek, spokesman Eric Van der Sypt said.
Two more people were arrested elsewhere in the city and the sixth was detained in Jette, on the outskirts of the capital, the spokesman said. The identities of the 6 suspects haven’t been released yet.

“It will be decided tomorrow if an arrest warrant (charges) are brought against these people,” he added.
A Frenchman was arrested during an anti-terror raid in the northern Paris suburb of Argenteuil over a planned terrorist attack which was in the ‘advanced stages’, according to French officials.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the man detained could be part of a high level terror network that was planning another attack in France. He said: ‘They planned to hit our country’.

Mr Cazeneuve said there was no confirmed link between the man they arrested in Paris and the attacks in Brussels. on Tuesday. He said the man had been under police surveillance for ‘quite some time and that the arrest was the result of the dedicated work carried out over the last few weeks by intelligence services,’

He said the man was of French nationality and was ‘involved in the plot at a high level’ and was ‘involved in a terrorist network that was ready to attack France.’

The two men identified by police from surveillance footage at the airport and metro station where the attacks took place are still at large.


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