How fibroid has affected the homes of many women including you reading this




Below are the different scenarios of real life women who are suffering from fibroid today. Don’t wait till yours get too complicated. Join Our Natural solution to fibroid here now at

First Fibroid Case

I have suffered for months with heavy painful periods , I then passed several extremely large clots which scared the hell out of me. That was when i knew there was a problem. Three large fibroid was later found inside me.
I have never heard about fibroid before all this started. I do feel they are not treated with the urgency they require as they actually have huge impact of all the aspect of your life.

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Second Fibroid Case

I have been having what i would consider heavy periods due to fibroid for around 10 months now . My periods have been having a real effect on my quality of life as I would always have to leave my work due to pains and it almost cost me my job. I have had to take time off work due to the heaviness of my period and feel fed up of the whole thing I later found out that i had ovarian cyst too.

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Third Fibroid Case

I found out i had one fibroid a couple of years ago but it did not bother me as it was quite small in February 2008. I later went for an abdominal massage because i was having really bad periods. My masseuse found a huge fibroid.
At that time, i was extremely over weight and did not notice this fibroid, Only when i felt down, did i feel it. Its about 6 inches big and extremely round.
when i lie down, its like lying on a beach ball. Now that i have lost weight. It sticks out. My periods are terrible, long draw out painful affairs and i have bled so much that i am now anaemic.
I try not to go out during these two days as i find it too much of a hassle

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Fourth Fibroid Case

Am 35 years and i have been with fibroid for 7 years. I have one child who is 7 years. and i have had 3 miscarriages in 2011,2012 and 2014. No second child yet.  I have very painful periods and lot of bleeding, I dont know what to do and I need to have a second child.
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Never suffer in silence if you know that you are experience painful periods or been diagnosed of fibroid.

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