Made a resolution to live healthy this year? Then you must read this!!!



This is a sponsored post.
Let’s be honest, trying to live a healthy active lifestyle is not beans. Most times it is sweat, tears, blood (sometimes), hard work and a whole lotta crappy tasting food that the proper nutrition crusaders swear by. You may be one of those who have made resolutions and started a new exercise or fitness routines only to be singing the ‘I quit song’ by the end of week 1 or even Day 2. Abeg! You cannot come an kill yourself away.
While we are not training for the Olympics, being healthy and active is necessary. You may not always keep to your fitness plans, targets or goals, the important thing we believe is to do the best you can, while ensuring a healthy balance with having the right amount of Vegetables and Fruits.

So yes, the vegetable and fruits propagandists are right, these often funny tasting classes of food are great for our bodies. They are an excellent source of rich antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and all the great stuff our bodies so desperately need to function maximally and most of us already know this deep down in our hearts. However getting them to be a part of our daily diet can be somewhat stressful, time consuming and out rightly expensive in some cases (the sourcing, washing, preparing, blending…go figure). The Good news? Our friends at Chivita have got us all sorted out so we’ve got No more excuses!

Enter Chivita Active Vegetable Fruit Nectar! By the way, this is a first in Naija #YesWeHaveBraggingRights. It is the substance of choice vegetables and fruits put together to give you a delicious blend that is packed with pure goodness for the body. Honestly, it doesn’t get better than this, plus they come in 3 variants of Beetroot+Grape, Carrot+Orange, Beetroot+Apple. Nutrients ✔️Vitamins✔️ Antioxidants ✔️ Stamina✔️✔️ Minerals nko, that one sefdey. The wholesome power of Vegetables and fruits in a pack…the best of both worlds! Yes indeed, choosing to live on the healthy and active side of life can be a demanding though very beneficial journey but the Chivita Active Vegetable Fruit Nectar is a great enabler by every means. Healthy active lifestyle ti takeover, it’s go green or go home baby…No more excuses!


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