From 96 kg to 73 kg in 2 months! All thanks to Slimtea



You can lose weight naturally, cleanse your body and prepare your system for fast and consistent weight loss, till you reach your goal weight! Still doubt this? Read Chioma Onyeka’s (@chommychocolate) testimony below.

“I lost just 4 and a half kg in my first month and it I felt like slimtea was all hype and I called to complain, and then they told me what to do and habits I need to let go off to get the best result from slimtea and I did just that even though I wasn’t that hopeful, and then the next 4 weeks was just like WOW! I am still surprised right now, I mean I have struggled with this all my life, tried different very exhausting methods and all this while all I had to do was drink slimtea?
If you are a sceptic please don’t, it works, this works and I am a living testimony’
The journey to natural, consistent weight loss begins with a cup of Slimtea!  Join us today.
See what people are saying about Slimtea on Instagram: @slimteanigeria and Facebook; Slim Tea Nigeria.

Slimtea is a powerful, 100% natural weight loss tea! Packed with natural weight loss herbs like mulberry leaves, cassia seeds, hemp kernels, and green tea, Slimteaburns fat by reducing your hunger hormones, increasing your calorie burn and literally melting the fat that is stored in your fat cells.
Slimtea is affordable and available for purchase! Nationwide payment on delivery options available too! Visit or contact the following to make enquiries and place your orders;  09083231736, 09083340376, 08189488738, 08181433219, 09080442390, 08170987132.


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