TI stands by stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins after she was arrested for trying to carry a gun unto a plane




TI’s stepdaughter, Zonnique Williams was arrested last week for trying to take a semiautomatic gun with her aboard a plane and the rapper is standing with her.
TI and his wife, Tiny both agreed that the 20-year-old needed the semi-automatic pistol for protection, and Tiny went with her daughter to purchase the weapon.

TMZ reports that TI went to the Atlanta airport to pick up Zonnique after she was booked for carrying a concealed weapon in an unauthorized area and has also hired a lawyer for her.

According to a source close to TI, Zonnique had decided to catch a flight out of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to go see her boyfriend but on her way out, she ‘grabbed the wrong purse’ when she left, not realizing it contained her gun. She bought the .38 caliber pistol after she started getting threats on social media and, a fan grabbed a hold of her at a listening party.


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