Lil Wayne storms off stage mid-performance at cannabis concert because fans were too mellow


Lil Wayne threw a little tantrum in the middle of his performance at the High Times Cannabis Concentrates Cup Show in San Bernardino, California, on Saturday. He was scheduled to perform for an hour, but in the middle of his 4th song, he got angry, dropped the mic and stormed off the stage. Everything seemed fine at first, with the headliner act walking out on stage at 9.30pm and even sparking a blunt much to the excitement of the marijuana enthusiasts that were in the audience.

The star followed a set from B.o.B and others.
The crowd was excited and thought he was free styling when he said, “he would never do high times again.” Most of the crowd and reps from High Times were confused about the whole ordeal.
The concert organisers have vowed to get their refund because they didn’t know why he left.
But concert goers think that he may have stormed off because of the mellow response he got from weed smokers at the event.


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