Woman dies on her first wedding anniversary, husband mourns her

​A heartbroken man, Kamal Effendi, took to social media to mourn his beautiful wife pictured above with him, who died Tuesday, Dec. 27th,  which was meant to be their first wedding anniversary. He wrote:
“Somewhat everything feels like a dream, a temporary moment of reverie; thoughts floating with feet not quite on the ground and head is way above the clouds. Of all days, Allah decided to take you today, on our first wedding anniversary. Who would ever thought, on the very same date after 365 days; that same hand I first time held now would be my last time to hold. You are still as beautiful as I could remember, your soft hands and your fair skin, they never changed. 

The same kiss that was once felt hot because of the flush now as cold as ice. I could not bear leaving you alone. I want to stay, but I have to accept we two now no longer exist in the same world with different time, different currency. I am pretty sure your place is better than mine. 

If you were still here today, you know how much I will spoil you with love on our anniversary. The present that I spent time making now is for myself to keep, but it’s okay, we already make a promise, when you in heaven, please look for me, I’ll be waiting for you too. You will always be my first love and truest soul mate. Happy first anniversary sayang, much love from a far, I love you, always. Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours”.


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